Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Latin America Conclave initiative by CII

CII held a meeting on 9 January at Hotel Taj Mansingh to launch their proposal for a Latin America and caribbean conclave on 14 February at New Delhi during their India Engineering and Technology Fair at Pragati maidan 13-17 February.

The conclave will bring together Latin American and caribbean trade and industry ministers, businessmen, chambers of commerce and trade and industry organisations for an interaction with their Indian counterparts. This the first ever such event. CII had organised successfully African conclaves in the last two years.

In my speech I mentioned that india's business with Latin America has gone through three stages and has now reached the fourth stage. These four stages are: barrier mindset, flirtation, romance and partnership. In this current stage Indian and Latin American business have developed a healthy respect based on their changed mindset about the new emerging profile of each other's markets. India's value addition to Latin America is by Indian IT, Pharma and manufacturing cos which contribute to human resource development, reduction of cost of healthcare and employment and industrialisation. India benefits from access to Latin America's oil and gas, mining and forestry and agricultural resources. It is a win-win for both and it is logical to expect a long term and sustainable partnership.

Mr Sapre, Director Kirloskar group is the chairman of the organising committee. Indian companies could take advantage of this rare opportunity. CII has already sent the invitations which are being followed up by our embassies.

contact- Gunveena Chadha of CII gunveena.chadha@ciionline.org

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