Friday, February 02, 2007

TCS inagurates Knowledge Development Centre in Uruguay

TCS has set up a regional training center for Latin America established in the Knowledge Development Center (KDC) which is hosted by the Uruguayan technology lab (LATU). The KDC site, which was inaugurated by Jorge Lepra, the Uruguayan Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, will also serve as a hub for training needs of local software companies in Uruguay.
The TCS training center will be based in Montevideo, Uruguay and will serve as a training platform to upgrade the technology skills of the firm's employees across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and other countries in the region.

With increasing demand for IT and BPO services in Latin America, the opportunities for job creation in this sector are immense but the supply of trained manpower could serve as a barrier to growth. "Latin America today is becoming an increasingly important IT services marketplace, with some of the highest projected growth rates over the next five years. It is also rapidly becoming an important hub for global sourcing of IT skills. It is crucial that the proper investments are made in training in technology skills, global client orientation and English language skills. TCS' investment in collaboration with the Uruguayan government could serve as a valuable example of public-private co-operation to meet this growing need," said Bob Welch, Group VP and GM of IDC's Global Services Research.

TCS invests more than 6 percent of its annual revenues in training and development and will bring in experts from across the world to serve as faculty in its Latin America Training Center. The center is also expected to give a boost to the local software industry in Uruguay and help promote technology careers and jobs in the country. "We intend to train over 3,000 employees in the next four years in a wide range of technologies, methodologies, language skills and cultural sensitivity in serving clients from offshore," said Mario Tucci, Vice President of TCS Iberoamerica.

TCS currently runs an extensive Global Delivery Network in Latin America with centers in Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina and Chile serving over 150 clients. The Uruguayan operations, which recently underwent a major expansion, employ over 800 professionals and also provide nearshore services to major US and Europe headquartered clients. "We chose Uruguay as a location for this regional training center due to its geographic centrality, excellent human resources, high quality academic environment and superior cost structure. This center will serve as a backbone to our high growth plans in Latin America by ensuring our human resources in this region are at par with the best in the world," added Gabriel Rozman, President of TCS Iberoamerica.

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