Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Chile has joined Andean Community as Associate member

Chile became an Associate member of Andean Community (CAN) on 8 June 2007.

Hmmm.. how did i miss this and discovered only now?

The Associate membership is important for both CAN and Chile. The exit of Venezuela from CAN in 2006 has now been compensated. CAN was in a depressed mood when Venezuela, the richest member left the club to join Mercosur. The Chilean economic stability, growth and success will now inject new life into CAN and make it more vibrant besides inspiring the other members namely peru, bolivia, colombia and ecuador. Chile will be able to use this Association to improve its relations with Bolivia and Peru with whom it has historical border problems. The Chilean president Madam Bachelet attended the CAN summit on 11-14 june in Tarija, Bolivia.
It may be recalled that Chile had left CAN in 1976 when it came under military dictatorship.

Chile is now Associate member both in Mercosur and CAN. It is the only Latin American country which has signed a FTA with China. Chile has signed FTAs with about 40 countries and is pursuing more. No wonder Ambassador Jorge Heine said the other day in his speech in Calcutta that India is conservative in its approach to FTAs.

This Associate membership of Chile in CAN is good news for Indian business for their Pan- Andean strategy.

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