Saturday, August 04, 2007

agribusiness opportunities in Paraguay

On sunday 5 August, there is a presentation on the agribz opportunities in Paraguay
venue- Chandigarh at Hotel Shivalik View at 7.30 pm. Presentation will be made by Mr Papalardo, Ambassador of paraguay and Dr S.Yaadav, who is developing agribz projects in Paraguay. dr Yaadav (agri scientist turned enterpreneur, mobile 9911110397) has been to paraguay 4 times since 2005. He, along with other investors is planning to buy land, grow soya and biofuel plants and process them. Land cost, according to him is about 800 dollars per hectare.

The solvent extractors association of india, which sent a delegation to paraguay recently, is also pursuing a proposal to buy 15000 hectares of soya farm for about 40 million dollars.

Paraguay is among the top ten producers of soya and the price of land and labour cost are relatively low. no restriction on foreign investment in land and farm sector.

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