Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chennai seminar and talk on business with latin America 24-25 sept

CII Chennai office invited me to give a talk to the Chennai Chapter of the " Young Indians" at their impressive new building on 24 sept. I gave a general talk about the competitive advantage of young Indians in this fast changing globalising world in this Age of Information and Era of Knowledge Society. I spoke about how the new mindest of the young Indians has transformed Indian economy and society and raised the image of India and Indians. Halfway through my speech, the Young Indians stopped me and said" we want to know about business opportunities in Latin America". I was pleasantly surprised by their interest and also by the specific questions they had on investment opportunities. They are planning to visit Brazil and I invited them to come to Argentina also.
seated from left- Dr Ravichandran, Canela, Balasubramanyam president SICCI, Ramasundaram MD, TIDCO, Mutha of EEPC, Muthukumaran Eximbank,Sarkar from Bank of Baroda and Luis from Mexico.
I was the chief guest and keynote speaker at the Seminar on Business with Latin America on 25 sept at GRT Grand Hotel, Chennai. The event was jointly organised by EEPC, Indo-LAC Chamber of commerce and Southern India Chamber of Commerce. I was joined by Canela of the Dominican Republic Embassy and Luis Gerardo of Mexican Embassy.
I spoke about the success stories of Indian business entry in less well known countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay and Guatemala. I highlighted the fundamental change in the market and mindset of Latin America, which is favourable for Indian business.
Clearly, the interest in latin America has grown significantly as i could see from the enthusiasm shown by the participants. Ganesan of EEPC ,who took a delegation to Argentina recently, spoke about the interest shown by Argentines in sourcing engineering goods from India.
Dr Ravichandran, president of the Indo-Lac Chamber is going to do a post-doctoral research in the topic of India-latin america trade and investment. The first post-doc research in this topic ! Congrats Dr Ravi !

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