Thursday, November 08, 2007

Speech in Spanish at the Argentine Chamber of Importers 7 November

video of the speech can be seen in
I was invited by the Argentine Chamber of Importers, a hundred year old instituition to speak on " how to do business with India". This was my second speech in Spanish in Argentina.

I gave an overview of the new market of India and mindset of the new generation of Indians who are not afraid of globalisation. On the contrary, they want to take advantage of the opportunities arising from globalisation and even seek to Indianise the globe. Indira Nooyi's ascent as CEO of Pepsicola company is the symbol of the new paradigm. This new market and mindset are keen to do business with Argentina and latin america.

I expressed optimism for the future of Argentina which has natural, mineral and energy as well as human resources( which won the Singapore and US Open golf, ATP tennis title, Rugby and Polo). Just as the 1991 foreign exchange crisis was a turning point for India, the 2001-2 crisis of Argentina has created a new mindset. The Argentines are now determined that they would never allow a repetition of the crisis. This is reflected in the monetary and fiscal discipline in the last five years. The Argentine economy has been growing at a high rate of over 8 percent in the last five years and is poised to continue the growth in the coming years.
The emerging new Argentina and India are discovering the complimentaries of their industry and business and are moving towards a long term partnership. I was stuck by the enthusiasm and seriousness shown by Argentine importers for India. This is matched by the interest being shown by Indian businessmen for Argentina.

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