Monday, August 26, 2013

Brazilian IT market revenue reached 60 billion dollars in 2012

The Brazilian IT market, which includes software, hardware and services, grew by 41.6% reaching  US$60.2 bn from US$42.5bn in 2011. Brazil is in seventh position in the global IT market and is the first in Latin America with a share of 49.1% of the region's US$122bn total. 
Of the total IT market, software and IT services accounted for US$27 bn, expanding 26.7% from 2011 and staying above the annual growth average of 20% seen since 2004, according to a study by the country's software companies association ABES in partnership with the consultancy IDC. Exports of software and services in 2012 were $2.2 bn. In 2012, applications represented 42.2% of the Brazilian software market, followed by systems for development environments with 31.1%, and security and infrastructure systems with 23.8%.The three main "buyer" sectors of software in Brazil last year were finance and accounting for 25% of total deals, followed by services and telecom with 24.8%, and industry with 18.6%.
In terms of future outlook, 90% of the local IT market growth from 2013 to 2020 is projected to come from mobile technologies, social business, cloud and big data, bets IDC/Abes. In 2012, these segments accounted for only 22% of total IT investments.

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