Saturday, April 18, 2015

India's exports to Mexico have increased by an impressive 30% in 2014

India's exports to Mexico increased by an impressive 30% reaching 3727 million dollars in 2014 from 2720 million in 2013. The major items of exports were: organic chemicals, auto parts, electrical machinery, aluminum products, garments and pharmaceuticals.

Imports from Mexico declined by 23%  to 2720 m $ in 2014 from 3524 m in 2013. Crude oil accounted for 2291 m and 84% of imports. The reason for the decrease in imports is the decline in the price of crude oil. India is the eight largest destination for Mexican exports.

India's trade with Mexico stood at 6447 m $ in 2014 increasing slightly from 6393 m in 2013.Mexico is the third largest trade partner of India after Venezuela and Brazil.

Mexico is the largest trading nation in Latin America with 398 bn exports and 400 bn imports. 85% of exports go to USA. Vehicles is the largest export amounting to 85 bn in 2014.

Mexico is concerned by the growing trade deficit with China which soared to 60 billion dollars in 2014. While Mexico's exports to China were only 6 bn their imports from China was 66 bn.

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