Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mexican Printing Business delegation 18-23 october

This 9- member delegation will stay at taj mahal hotel, New Delhi. The programme is being arranged by the mexican Embassy. contact Luis Gerardo
CII organising meeting on 19 oct. contact Gunveena Chadha
Progr includes meeting with Federation of Printers and Printing machinery Association

Delegation List

Mr. Alfredo Virgen Vallado Director General of Educational Programs S.A. of C.V. and National President Canagraf

Mr. Carlos Almeida HerreraDirector General of Color Cuatro S.A. and National Vice President Canagraf

Prof. Marco Suárez Director General of Commercial Lithography S.A. and Advisory Secretary Canagraf

Mr. Arturo Adona Castro Director General de Cajas Micro, S.A. and National Ex-President Canagraf

Mrs. Maria de los Angeles Cuevas de Virgen Director General of Mexican Publidiza

Mr. Ricardo Macias González Director General of Canagraf

Mr. Eduardo Pérez Abarca Coordinator of Projects for Canagraf

Mr. Araceli Aguerre Balido

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