Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Business Visas for Central America

good news !

Honduras and Guatemala have agreed to give visas for Indian bz visitors, without the need for prior approval from their immigration depts and foreign offices. Prior approval used to take lot of time earlier .

Of course, they do not have embassies in India. But visa application can be made in their embassies in other countries.

Costa Rica has announced that Indian bz visitors do not need visas for entry. Ideal solution !

Credit for this goes to Ambassdor Tomar in Panama, who has been pursuing this vigorously.

We are hoping that Nicaragua and El salvador will also follow this lead soon. There is still no success with panama, which takes months for prior approval for issue of visa. There is also problem with Belize, which has onerous conditions for visa. For belize, visa application can be made with the British High Commission in India.


Hamendra said...

This is a really good news! When is this likely to come in effect?

Best regards

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent reward to the continuous hard work put by your department .

Looking forward to more great achievements .