Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Argentine TechTango with Indian IT

Antonia Pena, Francisco Okecki and Jose Ugarte, the Argentine trio of Techpreneurs who met me today represent the new breed of young, ambitious and global-visioned Argentines, who have started Tech Tango with Indian IT.

The reason for our meeting today is their India connection. They have become part of the Indian IT company Cellent ( www.cellent.com ) which specialises in software for mobile phones, a growth area in technology and business. This combination of mobiles and India is a formidable one.. In december 2007, the number of new mobile subscriptions was 8 million...highest growth in the world..It has been averaging over six million per month.

The techpreneur trio have independent experience in technology and IT business and their last company was called as " Net people", before its absorption by the Indian company. They are going to contribute not only to the Argentine and Latin American business of Cellent but also to development of new technologies including in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. They have a team of six people but have plans to expand including in Uruguay. The Trio figure prominently in the" team of cellent" -http://www.cellent.com/Content/Lang/en/Section/5/SP/About_US_Team/2007/03.htm

The trio were in Mumbai recently and have come back inspired and enriched after their exposure to the new Indian technology development and work culture. They say they found it easier to interact, collaborate and connect with Indian mind and heart. Their eyes shine when they talk about India and IT.

The Trio impressed me with their drive, energy and enthusiasm. They reconfirm my optimism about the future of Argentina. They reminded me of the thousands of the new generation of young Indians with a new mindset, who have transformed India and raised its global profile.

Cellent is the fifth Indian IT company to establish operations in Argentina after TCS, First Source, Crisil/Irevna and Cognizant. These companies employ 700 young Argentines connecting them to the global growth story of Indian IT. It is a win-win for both.

Damas y Cabelleros... welcome to the new show of
TechTango between the new India and the new Argentina.

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