Saturday, March 29, 2008

Latin America's trade with India and China in 2007

India’s trade with Latin America in 2007 crossed 11 billion dollars, increasing from 9 billion dollars in 2006.

India's exports were 5 billion dollars and imports 6 billion dollars. The total should have crossed 12 billion dollars, if we take into account the trade through third countries and add the figures in respect of smaller countries for which statistics for 2007 is not available yet.

Brazil was the main destination of exports... exceeded two billion dollars. Second top destination was mexico with 1127 billion dollars( jan-november). Colombia has over taken Argentina as the third largest market for India's exports in 2006 and in 2007.

Chile was the top exporter to India with 2.2 billion dollars. It has overtaken Brazil in the last two years. Argentina exported one billion dollars, maintaining its second position.

Chemicals and pharmaceuticals were the top exports of India followed by Engg products.

Reliance was the top trading company with Latin America with their crude oil imports from venezuela, mexico, Brazil and ecuador and export of diesel to brazil ( about 800 million dollars).

Copper accounted for 90 percent of Chile's exports to India. Vegetable oils formed 80 percent of Argentine exports to India.

China's trade with Latin America reached 102.6 billion dollars in 2007

It was just 12.6 billion dollars in 2000, increased to 26 billion in 2003 and to 70 billion dollars in 2006.
Trade with Brazil was 29.7 billion dollars, Mexico-14.9 billion dollars, Chile- 14.6 billion and Argentina-9.9 billion.
Main destination of exports: Mexico- 11.7 billion, Brazil-11.4 billion, Panama-5.6 billion, Chile-4.4 billion and Argenina- 3.6 billion
Major sources of imports: Brazil-18.3 billion dollars, Chile-10.3 billion, Argentina-6.3 billion, Peru.4.3 billion, Mexico-3.2 billion and Venezuela- 3 billion dollars.

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