Saturday, October 29, 2011

Argentine company Arcor entering India

Last April, when I was in Trichy, the nearest town to my village, I went to a small supermarket to buy chocolates for the kids in my place. The kids liked the chocolates and thanked me for bringing them all the way from Argentina. I was taken aback and sheepishly confessed that I had bought them in Trichy. But they showed me the label ¨Made in Argentina¨. Yes. These were in fact made in Argentina and exported to India by an Argentine company Arcor. Last year their exports to India were 10 million dollars.
The CEO of Arcor Mr Luis Pagani is right now in India on a two-week tour. He had an interactive meeting organised by CII in Delhi. He is also visiting Mumbai and Bangalore. The purpose of his visit is to open an office in Delhi in the next few months. Later, Arcor is planning to establish a plant in India to manufacture for the Indian market and for exports to rest of Asia. They are looking for a site in India to put up the plant. This will be the first ever Argentine investment in India.
Arcor is an Argentine multinational company exporting to 120 countries. They are a leader in Latin America and have 41 plants in five countries of the region.It is a family-owned company with a turnover of 2.5 billion dollars.
Wipro of India had done some IT work for Arcor.
Mr Pagani has two guides to show him around in India. His sister and daughter. Both have travelled to India many times and like Indian culture and spiritualism.

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