Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Argentine hair colour for Indian men

Last year Godrej bought two Argentine hair colour companies ( Issue Group and Argencos ) for about 50 million dollars. These two companies are doing well in the local market and are also exporting their products to other Latin American markets. The entry of Godrej into Latin America is not surprising, given the global ambitions of this large and established firm.

What took me by surprise was when I came to know that a small Argentine company Plumari has entered the Indian market with men's hair colour products. The Plumari products are sold in the Mens & Boys retail stores in India. At the moment, the Indian company has six retail outlets but is planning to open 100 stores by 2016. Plumari is keen to market their products for women also in India. They are excited by their entry into the large, growing and promising market of India.

Plumari is a family-run company with a turnover of 30 million dollars. They specialise in hair colour and export their products to over 30 countries. . More information in

The success of Plumari should be an inspiration for other small Argentine and Latin American companies. This should also be seen in the context of the comments by some Latin American and other economists that Latin America is dependent upon exports of primary commodities. The Latin American companies which have consumer products should explore the large Indian market seriously and systematically.

A Brazilian company Surya Brasil is already exporting their Henna products to India. My blog on this

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