Sunday, September 17, 2006

business with latin america- why this blog?

Blogmania...blogfreak....Hold on...Before u call these names, let me explain the reason for this new blog. Sure ..I have a website with the same title. I also have a blog with the title " latin american affairs" So why this new blog?

I am creating this new one to focus exclusively on business with latin america. The other blog is for " affairs "and for matters of heart. But this one is serious !..hmm . This will supplement the website, while giving me more flexibility and freedom to post information of interest quickly, easily and simply. This will spare me the time of looking for the right page in my large website to put things in the correct place. Here I can write in one place all the things I want to. Moreover, I can do this from my office. I cannot do website work in office since the Ministry's ( bureaucratic! ) server does not allow uploading and downloading.

Of course.. you have seen through my vanity, desire to ride this new vehicle. Websites are passe... blogs are in. While my other two blogs are in blogger, this one is being hosted in the newer beta version of blogger. faster and better..

In this blog, there will be news on specific bz opportunities, visits of delegations, trade fairs, economic and commercial news for businessmen and leads and tips. The idea is to disseminate the latest information and complement the website.

Welcome to this new journey of blogging... on business with latin america !!

Disclaimer- This is a non-profit venture as part of my passion to promote relations with Latin America. The views and comments expressed here are strictly personal and do not reflect those of the Government of India.

Businessmen should use their own judgement and additional info to complement mine. I will not be responsible for the actions of contacts and companies given in the blog.

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