Tuesday, September 26, 2006

CII meeting with Mexican business delegation

This meeting on 26 September, was with the business delegation lead by the Vice Minister of Small Scale Industries, currently visiting India.

The Minister highlighted the growing strength of mexican economy.
- inflation is just 3 percent.
- interest rate 7.3 percent. This is important since interest rates are generally high in other countries of the region and especially in Brazil, where the primary rate is double that of Mexico.
-Fiscal deficit nearing zero
-country risk is a historic low of 111 basic points. In the case of Brazil it is 222 and Argentina 324.
- Forex reserves at a high of 80 billion dollars.
- Mexico has signed FTAs with 43 countries in the world, the largest

The political economy in the next six years is going to be better with the pro-business Felipe Calderon taking over as president on 1 December.

Mexico is expected to take part in the International Engg Fair of CII in feb 2007.

I advised CII to take a bz delegation to mexico, as was done by them in the case of Brasil earlier this month.

The meeting was chaired by Mr Amitabh of Aditya Birla group, which is setting up a carbon black plant in mexico and has other investment plans.

This is the first visit of a software delegation from mexico, which is a virgin mkt for our IT bz.
here is the contacts of some of the mexican delegates and their interests:

1 Eduardo Ruiz Esparza
Director General
IDZ Online
RFID – Tecnología
0181 8363 7260 cel 0181 1277 1508
Monterrey NL
IDZ is the most active RFID research and development center in Latin America, integrated by a multidisciplinary and RFID certified team with expertise in native and enabled solutions for all stages of RFID projects. We offer: staff outsourcing, consulting services, and build solutions.
Alliances, Developers
2 Dr. Jorge Alonso
Border Tech / Ceni2t
Innovation Center for the Development of Embeded software, Biotecnology, Micro Electronics Projects
664 674 5074
Ensenada, B.C.
Research and Development in Wireless, software, Biotecnology, Micro Electronics
CENI2T is an innovation center for the development of knowledge-based value. Our main service provides a high-profile research and technical team for the development of intellectual property in high tech projects such as: semiconductors, MEMS, wireless, sensors, biotech, pharmaceutical, embedded software, and IT. A key benefit is supplying the teams, facilities, processes, and infrastructure that our clients need, at a much lower cost than the United States.
Alliances with Research Centers and Innovation Centers.

3 Ing. Mauricio Santillan
Director General
IT Business Consulting
55 5093 0900
México, D.F.
Consulting to High Tech Small and Médium Companies to acellerate their process to introduce new technologies to the market, quality control and Business Models.
Venture Capital Fund in the high tech industry based in Mexico. Provide business acceleration consulting services to small and medium companies. Attract and develop small and medium companies creating ecosystems to cover specific vertical markets i.e. Government, Health, Information technology and banking. Also provides headhunting services for the IT industry in Mexico
Looking for companies interested in landing high tech products in Mexico. Willing to explore investment ventures in Mexico

4 Ing. Claudio Arriola
Director General
Grupo Logistico Mexicano
664 647 5787
Tijuana, B.C.
Logistics services to maquiladora companies around the world
Technology and Logistics Software

5 Dr. Raúl Carvajal
Innovation in Small and Medium Size Technology Companies
55 5200 0589
México, D.F.
India Technology Maps, to have a clear vision of the IT nitch markets and business opportunity areas.

6 Ing. Eduardo Valtierra Padrón
CANIETI Noroeste
Electronics, Telecomm and IT
664 686 6646
presidente@canieti.org eduardo@valtierra.com.mx
Tijuana, B.C.
Education and Certification programs in IT and Multimedia
Educational Software

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