Thursday, December 07, 2006

Experience of an Indian export Executive on his first visit to Latin America

Let me reproduce the executive's email which speaks for itself

"Please refer to your meeting with undersigned regarding his visit to Latin America.

I am back in India after my visit. We are really very thankful to you for all your assistance and cooperation regarding the visit of undersigned.

Also, we would like to inform that the assistance and cooperation we receive from our embassies was amazing.

We really feel that our embassies are doing great jobs in promoting our trade with Latin American countries.

We must add that our missions in Colombia, Chile & Uruguay ( through our embassy in Argentina) helped undersigned with all his appointments and we hope they all would be fruitful for us in future.

We would like to make a special mention of Mr. Martin de Castro (Commercial officer Uruguay, Indian Embassy in Argentina).
He was such a big help for us in Montevideo. He took time off his schedule to assist us in our meetings.

I would like to come in person and share my views with you, would make a request with you in coming week for an appointment.

Thanking you,Sincerely Yours,

(Shivreet Dhillon)

GTP Overseas Private LimitedC-10, Sector-1,Noida - 201 301

So I met the young Dhillion yesterday. oops ...I was taken aback. He has become more enthusiastic about Latin America than me..

Here is what he told me.
- He has got orders from Colombia and Uruguay in this very first trip. He found the Colombian customer in the internet!. He sees great scope for his rubber products which go into the second hand market of auto parts. He is planning to try other mkts in mid 2007.
-More than the business, he has discovered Latin Americans. He found the people friendly, warm and hospitable. He spent 4 days in Colombia but his customer spent only a total of 4 hours in business discussion. She took him to the night club, restaurants, bars and for sight seeing. Whenever he mentioned business, she said " relax.. enjoyment first.." . No wonder the youthful Dhillion's eyes have a new shine and there is a romantic smile in his face now.

Joao Pessoa - unusual destination in Brazil for Indian Investment

Vijay Electricals from Hyderabad has acquired a transformer making plant in Joao Pessoa in Brazil for about a Million dollars.
Wonder where is it..? One needs to look at the large map of Brazil. It is a small city located in the eastern -most point of Brazil in the state of Paraiba. Population 500,000. About 2000 Kms from Rio de janeiro. One can reach Joao Pessoa without having to go to Sao Paulo or Rio. There is direct flight from Lisbon to Recife, the famous resort town of Brazil. From there just one hour drive. Of course, the Municipality of the city has all the info in its website. Its claims include
- new International airport by 2008
- the greenest city in South America
-the third oldest city of Brazil
- the sun salutes Joao Pessoa first before the rest of Souh America
- and of course silver white sanded beaches

I asked Mr Jai Ramesh the Chairman of Vijay Electrivals, how did he choose this place so remote and unknown. He smiled..Fiscal and other incentives...

Vijay electricals has already started production of transformers in the Joao pessoa plant. They are going to invest more millions of dollars to expand the capacity to reach a turnover of 50-60 million dollars !!. Indian managers have already been positioned there.

How did Vijay Electricals go to Brazil? They had supplied transformers in the past. They had been watching the market and found that Brazilian electrical supplies to homes are going to be increased with the importance given to people-centred development by President Lula.

I salute the venture or rather the adventure of Vijay Electricals and their ambition in the farthest corner of Brazil and wish them success !