Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Flight connection from India to South America

South African Airways is starting direct flights from Johannesburg to Buenos Aires from 1 April 2009. Here are the schedules:

From Buenos Aires – J-burg – Mumbai
Weds and Fridays :
Buenos Aires – J’burg 1930 – 0855 hrsJ’Burg – Mumbai – 1130 – 0030 hrs

From Mumbai- J’burg – Buenos Aires
Weds-Fridays and Sundays:
Mumbai-J’burg 0230 -0755 hrs J’Burg – Buenos Aires 0950-1730 hrs

This connection has two advantages over connection through Europe. It is cheaper. Secondly there is no need for transit visa in Johannesberg. In the case of Europe, transit visa is needed to pass through airports such as Paris, Frankfurt and London.

Similiar advantage is there in the case of the Emirates direct flight between Dubai and Sao Paulo.