Friday, December 14, 2007

CII delegation in Buenos Aires 13 December 2007

A delegation of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) was in Buenos Aires on 13 December. An India- Argentina Business Meet was organised at the Indian restaurant Katmandu from1230 to 1800 hrs. It was attended by about 70 Argentine businessmen. The speakers at the Meet included Mr Stancanelli, Director general of Foreign office, Osvaldo Rial, President of the Industrial Union of Buenos Aires province, Jorge Zorreguieta President of the Food Industries association and Neville mevawala, leader of the CII delegation.

In my welcome speech in Spanish, I highlighted
-the short term ( 3 year) goal to take bilateral trade from 1.2 billion to 3 billion dollars and Indian investment from 800 million to 2 billion dollars.
-long term goal to build partnership in which India ( with its large and growing market ) could contribute to Argentine exports, growth and prosperity while Argentina could contribute to India's food and energy security.

In the morning, the delegation visited the Industrial Union of Buenos Aires province and had meetings with their members. This Association is planning to take a delegation to India in the first half of 2008.

The delegation had a meeting with the Governor of Buenos Aires Province Mr Daniel Scioli, who spoke in English about the opportunities for business with his province.
The CII delegation was impressed with the enthusiastic response of the Argentine business and government and the business opportunities. They plan to organise the next Indo- Latin American Business Conclave in Argentina in the second quarter of 2008.


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