Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bajaj three wheelers in Colombia

Bajaj three wheelers were launched in Colombia on 24 March by the Colombian company Auteco. The vehicle which is being assembled in Medellin, Colombia, will be marketed at a little over US$4,000/- for the basic model. Apart from this model, there will be other versions including fully enclosed vehicles and others for carrying cargo. Auteco expects to import 3000 SKD kits of the vehicle this year and increase the numbers in the years to come. The vehicle has been homologated and has received the approvals from the Government of Colombia. It will, however, only serve as a taxi for the present in towns with less than 50,000 population, but will be allowed for private use in other cities.
Auteco also markets eight different brands of Bajaj motor cycles in Colombia. Their imports exceed US$50 million per year.
Bajaj three wheelers are also exported to Peru and Central America.

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