Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Indian BPO of First Source in Buenos Aires

Raul Martinez, Tarak Ghosh and Myriam Cunningham with me

I visited the Indian BPO of First Source (ICICI group) in Buenos Aires. It is the largest among the Indian IT/BPO/KPO units in Argentina employing 400 young Argentines. They do the backend work for the American telecom giant Verizon and recently they have got a financial job from the Citi Bank.

The BPO is in the heart of Buenos Aires city, amidst elegant cafes, bars, restaurants and shopping.

Raul Martinez is the country manager of the BPO. Tarak Ghosh from India has been taking care from the Indian side. Both are upbeat about more business opportunities and expansion of the BPO.

All the Argentines work in English language. The Indian company is happy with the skills and talents and quality and output of the Argentine staff.

Argentina offers competitive advantages for IT/BPO/ KPO business with its high literacy rate and relatively low salaries in dollar terms. Argentina is a lower cost location than Chile, Mexico, Brazil and Mexico.

The entry of Indian IT, BPO and KPOs contribute to the human resource development of Argentine society and enrich the evolving partnership between the two countries.

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