Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FDI in Latin America in 2009

Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI) in 2009 in Latin America was 77 billion dollars ( down from 132 billion in 2008 ) . Brazil, as usual, was the top recepient of FDI with 26 biilion dollars. What was unusual was.. Chile emerged as the second most preferred FDI destination with 12.7 billion dollars, taking over the usual number two slot of Mexico, which attracted 11.4 billion. It is interesting that Colombia had attracted more FDI than Argentina, the third largest market of the region. Peru is the largest attractive destination for mining exploration investment in Latin America and the third largest in the world. Venezuela is the least attractive destination for surpise...
Here are the figures of FDI in billion dollars...

USA continued to be the largest investor in Latin America ( 37%) followed by Spain ( 9%) and Canada ( 7%).

Outward Foreign Direct Investment by Latin America in 2009 stood at 11.4 billion dollars. Chile replaced Brazil as the largest investor with 7.9 billion dollars. Mexico was the second largest with 7.6 billion ( dont forget.. the world´s richest man is a Mexican ! ) and Colombia invested 3 billion. The surprise in 2009 was that Brazil which was the traditional number one missed out the top spots. The Brazilian companies received more from their subsidiaries abroad in 2009 than their fresh investment.

Indian companies have also been showing enthuisasm for investment in the region. Notable case was Renuka Sugars which made a half billion dollar investment in Brazil recently. But still there is inadequate realisation among Indian corporates about the advantages and need for investment in the region. Agribusiness, mining and petroleum should be the priority areas for Indian companies. Investment in these sectors will get us access to edible oil, pulses, wheat, sugar, minerals and crude oil which are going to be needed more and more by the growing Indian market.

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